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L0rdix becomes the new Swiss Army knife of Windows hacking

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Written in .NET, L0rdix has been developed with stealth in mind. The malware is obfuscated using the standard ConfuserEx obfuscator, and some samples have been tweaked with the more sophisticated .NETGuard obfuscator. Not only performs a number of standard scans to detect VM environments but also uses WMI queries and registry keys to search for strings which may indicate sandbox products.


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Sounds like a typical piece of trash that comes out of HackForums lol. Developed with stealth in mind but uses the most detected obfuscators associated to malware and other skid level garbage. 

Can pretty much guarantee all the code inside of it is copy pasted from the various skid threads on HackForums, pieced together by a newbie level coder simply looking to turn a profit on others stuff. Everything about it, from the various blog posts regarding it, all point towards that, the pics of it look like all the other trash from HF, the code chunks pasted from it are all MSDN level example code.

The fact that zdnet calls this a swiss army knife and gives it any publicity like its anything new or major is a joke.

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Zdnet has a history of letting morons write about security.

Catalin Cimpanu has produced some extremely  dumb  articles but this Charlie Osborne brings it to a whole new level of stupidity. :bangin:


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