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hey mates


quick question..my HD died recently on my laptop so im currently starting to gather intel on some laptops and am leaning towards this one




or this one but its a lil more cash (not sure its really worth it tho)



im not really a gear head so am curious if anybody here who is in touch with this stuff has an opinion..not looking to spend more than a grand (closer to 500-600 even better lol)..im not really a gamer but i might play a game once in awhile but i figure the 1050ti card should play most anything out there these days if i ever wanted to.looking for something that will allow me to record music into mainly without spending a bunch of money cause lets face it, technology prices go down faster than cars every year so i dont want to go crazy like i did years ago and bought some 3k laptop like a dumb ass lol


cheers mates!

B :)


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I always recommend Sager because they offer a cheaper price for the specs in comparison to many competitors. I've had a laptop from them for years with no complaints.

You can find similar priced laptops with better specs than those from Sager. You can check them out here https://www.sagernotebook.com/

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