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Hi guys,

so I would like to ask whether anyone of you has some little or more knowledge about shockwave-flashs action scripts?So I dont have it but I wanna find out whether something is doable.Why I do ask.Before a while I found some tiny flash games on internet which are normaly one single file (game_xy.swf) you can play in browser or download and play in any swf player etc and also decompile in JPEXS etc.So good so far.Now I found some flash games who are working else so it means the game is no more a single file and has some flash file parts.Some kind of splitted swf files and on the top is some kind of main swf file what should work as loader.Now I checked this files in decompiler and find infos in the action scripts in all of them.I can edit it but I dont really know what I should change / write into so my goal is it to make one working single swf file with all the parts I have.On internet I also found a commandline tool called "swfcombine" where its possible to combine all parts together to one file.I tried this and did loaded the file into decompiler and all was added into = whole game in one file now.So good so far again.The problem now is that I need to change the action scripts inside to make it work so that every frames gets loaded and here I stuck and dont know how I should adjust the action script text / commands to load it now directly from that own file and no more from outside.I think it should  be doable and thats why I do ask whether anyone has some knowledge to help a little with that.

Info: The game/s are some small size >adult< fun games so I can't attach any sample on forum but I can send any link via PM later.So if you are adult and you think you could and wanna help then just reply.


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SWF files that were not intended to be combined like this are going to require you to manually edit them to work with the combining tool that you are using. You'd have to reference the tools documentation on what method they suggest on how to reference the combined swf's and resources when they are bundled together though. Refer to the action script docs too for how to reference local resources since in the newer versions of Flash/ActionScript, things run sandboxed and have specific flags to denote if they can reach networked files or not. 

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Hi atom0s,

sorry for late answer.Yes,some  AS code inside needs to adjust to get it run without a loader swf and also to load the single parts directly from the combined SWF file.I think its doable so I see all frames inside using diffrent names / values to access the right ones also if its combined later.Problem is I cant handle that AS language yet to make that adjustments in the AS code using FFDEC tool.Thats the reason why I did ask whether anyone has some AS knowledge to check that out on a example file/s I have.The AS codes for accessing the parts is stored at the bottom and also have not much text inside which needs to be editied.


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