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How to create a WinAPI menu in MASM32 without using rc resource files

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Hello! i've been looking for a way to add a menu using WinAPI within the same .asm file, without using resource (.rc) files

It can be done in C, like explained in this tutorial http://zetcode.com/gui/winapi/menus/

MASM32's User.lib has the same function prototypes in there (CreateMenu, AppendMenuW, SetMenu)

This is for two reasons, one is because i'd like them not to be edited/spoted using Resource Editors, the other is that i want to keep everything on one .asm source file (as what i want to do is small enough)

I've not seen anyone documenting how to do this before in MASM32 (or even other Win32-targeted compilers) and ran out of ideas trying, any kind of help is very appreciated!

thanks beforehand! :D

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After a lot of research i could figure it out and ported everything that tutorial shows to MASM32, i hadn't cleaned the source nor commented it but i think it is readable enough, though, if anyone got a question please tell me in a comment!

All options emit a sound (except exit :) ) This is how it looks like:


it's all just one .asm file:


you can download it, save it as main.asm, and compile it in MASM32 with these both commands (assuming you have MASM32 installed in C:\):

    C:\masm32\bin\ml.exe /c /coff /nologo main.asm

to assemble and

    C:\masm32\bin\link.exe /nologo /subsystem:windows main.obj

to link

i hope it may be of help to anyone! = 3

edit: attached the exe and asm files if that's better :D

masm32 menu without rc.zip

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