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Microsoft is acquiring GitHub!


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GitHub was burning shitload of money really fast (lost $66 million during first 9 months of 2016), so they had to sell out to someone sooner or later. 

To be honest, I don't care if it's Microsoft, Google or Apple who buys them. If new owner makes SourceForge 2.0 out of GitHub, I'll just move to bitbucket, gitlab or whatever other free service will be out there. For my personal usage, I don't see any difference between them. :)

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I wonder if they'll call the new business 'MicroGit'! lol

For the non-uk members 'Git' in an English  colloquialism for:

A total and utter tosser who is incapable of doing anything other than annoying people, and not in a way that is funny to others. Best used idly. e.g. "Git."

"You useless git."

"That n00b is behaving like a bloody git."

1. A completely ignorant, childish person with no manners.
2. A person who feels justified in their callow behaviour.
3. A pubescent kid who thinks it's totally cool to act like a moron on the internet, only because no one can actually reach through the screen and punch their lights out.

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9 hours ago, Kurapica said:


you should add that to urbandictionary.com   :D

You found me out... CTRL-C

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