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I got any strange AddOn or Firefox behavior


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Hi guys,

I have a question again about using older versions of Firefox (portable) and some older AddOns which are no more working with latest FF since Quantum version.Normaly I do use diffrent versions of FF since some AddOns are no more supportet to use them go on.Now I found any strange problem since a short while.One of the AddOns I do use called  NetVideoHunter a addon what can catch video links if they getting loaded so I know there are many such addons but this addon has a build in player what others not have.All in all its my favorite video addon.Now back to the problem.The new strange issue I got is this.Lets say I did install this addon new in FirefoxPortable 56.0.2 portable so then everything work fine as always.The only strange behavior I see after installing the addon is that last update of this addon was right now = today for example whats not normal.If I check the addon page on Firefix AddOn Site about this AddOn then I do see this..

Zuletzt aktualisiert
    vor 3 Jahren (10. Nov. 2015)

....on the NetVideoHunter page I also just see 2015 about last update.Other old AddOns having also older dates in my AddOn list only this one not.Anyhow its strange about this dates.Now I did google for this AddOn and found by random this site...


...there is another other date about last update....?!?

    Category: Browser Tools
    Last Updated: 2018-06-01  <---- ?
    File size: 102.83 KB
    Operating system: Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Seems to be any trash / fake whatever no idea.So this was one strange issue about the dates.

Back to AddOn problem itself I have now.After first installing of this AddOn from Firefix AddOn site all is working so far but after a while I get a Heatbeat message from Firefox about to update my firefox browser etc.After this popup I just browse go on without to update of course so its portable version and I dont want to update this one.My AddOns are still working normaly etc.Next day I do run this Firefox again and test NetVideoHunter and see a diffrent.It does still catch the video links but this time without any name of the video so I get just the info of "no title" in the list to see of all video which get catched.If I try now to download a video with the AddOn then Firefox download manager dosent show any download = nothing there but the Firefox incon in taskbar of windows is getting green to show the download progress = strange.Also the download itself get aboarded mostly after a while but also here I dont get any message about it = strange.So it means the AddOn dosent work anymore correctly and I dont know whats the reason for this.Is it the AddOn itself or Firefox.Maybe this Heartbeat message has something to do with that no idea.Now its no more working right and the only thing I can do is to de-install the Addon from AddOn list / restart FF / install AddOn again / restart FF and now its working again correctly.So this is pretty bad so I dont wanna de and install it each time if I wanna use it you know.Before I didnt got this problem but since a while I get it.In the extension folder in my profile folder where the AddOn is I can also see no changes itself when its working and when not what makes me think that Firefox should do change any settings by itself so that its no more working etc.I dont know what it is.Does anyone of you using this AddOn maybe too?

Anyway,so maybe someone has any idea what the problem could be or so.

Thank you

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Hi guys,

little feedback about the problem with the NVH  AddOn I have.So I tried to find out the strange behavior and checked the files in my profile folder of the using portable Firefox and found out what makes that problem to prevent NVH AddOn work correctly.I just did compare now the prefs.js file of a working and not working one and found there some little changes in the e10s settings.

working one

user_pref("extensions.e10sBlockedByAddons", true);

not working one

user_pref("extensions.e10sBlockedByAddons", false);

Thats all. :) The strange thing is that I didnt change this setting manually so Firefox itself does it because of any reason I dont know.Its really bad if FF does change such things by itself without to inform the user about it.I tried to google about that issue and found something by others who having same problem with that but in other directions to keep it false instead of true.Could maybe also depends on the multiprocessor support option so normaly I have it disabled to prevent running more than one FF instances setting these 2 to false...


Anyway,so now I created a user.js file with a user setting info of...

user_pref("extensions.e10sBlockedByAddons", true);

...and now it keeps true during starting Firefox.If someone would like to test it then you also need to restart FF after changing the setting.Just a info.


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Hi guys,

I found another strange problem using my main browser Firefox (latest version / older version too 56.x).This time I see that Firefox has a problem / make problems showing gif animations straight on mouse over operation.Some sites using gif animations as preview for videos and in my eyes its a totally stupid idea using gif instead of mp4.Gifs using much more filesize and increase the CPU usage to maximum what slows the whole system anyway which browser I do use.

Back to Firefox / Gif problem.Lets say there is a site showing 16 thumbnails and if I go with the mouse over any thumb then the gif animation will start so long I have the mouse over the thumb.First time its working normaly as it should but if I now move the mouse on a other thumb then it will also start the gif animation BUT its showing the animation of the pre gif (where it did stopped) for some seconds and then it will start to show the right gif animation.Firefox seems to have any delay problem or anything like that so it dosent show and start the right gif animation directly and showing the rest of the pre gif.Thats a pretty bad issue.I found nothing yet how to fix that problem if there is a way to fix it in config settings etc.Older versions of FF having the same problem.Other browsers like Chrome,Opera dont have this problem and showing all straight and correctly.

Does anyone have any idea how to handle that problem with Firefox?


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