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Snowheart Hills by Avocoders [AVCD] (Old school PC intro)


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Hiii! after a while, a couple of friends and i releaser our first prod! \o/ it wouldn't ever have been possible without the help of you, tuts4you community and DBF forums! so this release is also dedicated to you! :D

i delayed a bit on posting here because i said i wanted to put some of you in the greets section as well as my friends wanted to add more people BUT we ultimately decided to just put people of the BotB Community since this intro was aimed to one of its compos because i didn't knew C/C++ and had to learn it in 25 days until the deadline :D

so i just could afford to write unoptimized code that extremely loaded the CPU for each character in the scroller, my bad for that BUT i promise next time you'll be in the greets! specially evlncrn8, atom0s and ragdog for your great support!, thanks you so much!, you totally rocks! x3

here's the youtube render:

the release on pouet (includes the sourcecode mess = p):

and a screenshot:

we had a lot more ideas to put in this one, like real time 3d rendering and camera movement BUT we went short of time until the deadline and had to fallback to what we had by then = p

i hope you enjoy it!~ x3

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