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How to upload clickable links somewhere?


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Hi guys,

I have a small question.So I am looking for any site where I can upload links temporary for time x (few minutes or more etc).So I found some sites where I can enter some text and there is also a option for syntax highlighting but if I do that and get a ready link to my text out and if I call this link then I see just the text like https://123.com/ but I cant click on it and need to copy and paste the link and this I wanna prevent and wanna get a clickable link without to copy / paste (easier handling without to work with a mouse).Maybe I am too stupid again to get it work with that sites I found. :)

Just wanna ask whether anyone can test the sites I found or send any site where I can set clickable links into.



So you know what I mean right?Just wanna have it like here on the text editor,just paste a link and get it directly clickable.

Thank you


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If I understood your question correctly, you may want something like https://gist.github.com, because it has markdown support, you may want to copy past or upload the text that you want but you must use the .md extension, which will allow GitHub to render the text as markdown, which in turn will show links as clickable links, and not raw text. Sample https://gist.github.com/anonymous/b88c785b03c55ddb220436cb67bb82e6 .

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yes you did understood me right. :) Thanks for the new site.I have checked this out and used .md extension and now I get the links to see which I can click.Only disadvantge is that all links which I can click gets opend in same tab and not in a new tab.Is there something doable?Just asking about it so I need to send some links to a friend who used tablet pc you know. :)


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I'm afraid that probably there is no such possibility to open a link in a new tab automatically using GitHub's markdown syntax, as someone already pointed out that on Stackoverflow. But you can consider something else.

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