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Corel Patents System to Monetize Software Piracy


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Canadian software company Corel, known for iconic products such as CorelDRAW and Winzip, has a new anti-piracy patent. Instead of implementing tougher restrictions, the company proposes to reach out to pirates through a messaging system, offering 'amnesty' to those who are willing to pay up.


etc etc etc..


cheers all

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I don't see how this will do anything. It's just another wrapper around the program to detect piracy like a no-cd check or any other form of licensing system. Once it's, untied from the program the purpose is defeated and the pirate wins. They already do similar with WinZip's nag screen that you can ignore or choose to pay to stop it from nagging. Again, which is already cracked/patched etc. I'm not really sure what a patent is needed for with this since its just going to be around wrap-around setup where the program will need to be 'decoupled' from this new licensing technique. The interesting part will be how they plan to actually implement this in terms of it being any bit successful.

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