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Need any URL direct show & access script


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Hi guys,

I have a new small question.So I hate links who having double links inside to call first one link and then the other.So I can see that mostly at google found results if I was searching for something.If I get the results and hover any link then I can see the direct link at the bottom at Firefox but if I press right mouse or left then the link does change and calling first any google url part (analytics etc) and at the end you can see the right url (google...blabla...url=http.....link).So can anyone write a small Tampermonkey script to bypass that first url issue and checking the url for url=* to call it directly so without the first part?Or maybe you know any custom filter for uBO I could use etc.


If I use the filter above then I cant call google results if they using that google....url=xy first.I dont know how its called (any redirect url something) to find any infos on internet how to bypass that thing.Maybe you can help again a little.

Thank you

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thanks for reply but I tried a addon called Skip Redirect already.Seems to work (only if I open link a new tab or window / not same window).Maybe its ok for my use.Will see what happens for other sites using any redirection urls etc.


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