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Finding Correct Startup Parameters

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I have an old game wehre I'd love to write the server component for. The Problem facing is that I don't know how to start it properly. The executable was packed with VMProtect 2.07 but thanks to some help in this forum I got it unpacked. I was hoping to be able to figure this out by myself but it turns out im lacking the knowledge to properly get this job done. I figured this forum is full of smart people so I wanna give this a shot :)

I have a previous version of this game, that could be lunched with command line arguments.

"Ez2on_emu.exe User Hash 1"

But the latest version does not seem to allow that. It will spit a message box with a title that reads "Run the game after logging in from the web" and an actual message of " -".

This game was launched with a website with the help of an ActiveX Plugin. The ActiveX Plugin would start a "SgiGameLauncher.exe" Process, which then might have started the actual ez2on.exe, but Im not sure if this was really the case or if there was another launcher in the chain. I can provide the Installation for the ActiveX Plugin, (Includes SgiLaiuncher.exe) as well as the Javascript source that launched the Plugin. I Found out all methods of the ActiveX Plugin, and it contains an "IsInstall(long, string)"-Method which just checks a registry entry and a "Start()"-method, that takes 4 Arguments and kicks the SGILauncher.exe process. But I never got it to launch the actual ez2on.exe file to observe the parameters (if any)

But this was just one rabbit hole I went down to try figure something out (it might help you the process) but what I'm actually looking for is to launch the game directly via the "ez2on.exe"-file. Im not sure if the problem is that it requires special parameters to start, or if it requires to be spawned by a special parent process. This is what I would like to be found out.

Find out if the executable allows arguments, and if so what arguments can be passed and how do they look like?

If providing arguments does not fix the MessageBox Complaining about needing to be started from the web, this branch need to be patched so that the application always assumes it started correctly. Ultimately Im looking to get this executable running and a way to provide an IP address / username / hash to the executable. (I don't think it has a login-screen, so those parameters must come from outside, if Im wrong then I only need a way to specify IP address).

I also saw there is an anti-cheat software called Xigncode, I'd also like that to be removed if possible, but I'm happy if the game starts already, but I'm willing to pay bonus for this one!

I'm not to sure about what amount of time you need and what your considered payment is, but I'm willing to pay 100-200EUR, if this is not reasonable, please let me know what you are looking for. And another 50-100 for the Xigncode removal. (I can pay with PayPal, or WireTransfer (from Germany) or if you prefer another way let me know if I can support that)

All files can be found here:



ez2on_bin.zip - This Includes just the binaries, ez2on.exe and ez2on_unpacked.exe, wich if you start them will spit out the message, to test if the whole game works you probably need all the game files. (If you want a quick peek about the exe and judge how much work it is)

ez2on.zip.001 - 007 - are the complete game files.

ex2onSetup.exe - is the setup without the music files, it will create registry keys, but i doubt its necessary.

WebLauncher - are the ActiveX components, and a index.html + script.js to load the plugin and launch some method that leads to SGILauncher being executed and closing immediately

ez2on_old.zip - a old version of the game, wehre i could start the ex2on_emu.exe with parameters.


Of course if there are any questions or something I can help you with or missed, feel free to ask!


Thank you,




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a few notes regarding the game and its current status:

The game is called ez2on, it is a korean music rythm game. It first got launched around 2008, and went through various publisher. It got closed down in 2013 and was available under the domain ez.halgame.com.(http://web.archive.org/web/*/ez.halgame.com) I'm not sure if and who holds still rights to this game, the closet company that comes in my mind is called "smilegate" to which halgame.com redirected before shutting down. So at the moment there is no publisher that has an official server for this game. (http://gaming.wikia.com/wiki/EZ2ON)

As of my knowledge there are no 'private servers' available, I started to develop one, but against an earlier version of the game here (https://github.com/Arrowgene/Arrowgene.Ez2Off). Because I'd like to target the latest version and I can not find out how to start the executable of the latest client version I would require help with that.

I'm actually not asking to help building a server, I only want to know how to start the executable so I can do that task myself :)


Only the Binaries can be found here:


All clients can be found here:


Im talking about the 3rd client.


Thank you,







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