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How to share my programs on websites?


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You need a few things.  I have been a shareware author for years.....it is very simple.

1.  You need your own website for the products so people can see more information about it....buy it...etc.

2.  You need to create a PAD file for each product.  A pad file is a hosted xml file that they scrape to update the content on their sites when you update your software. 

A good free pad file generator can be found here: http://pad.asp-software.org/padgen.php

3.  Sign up on those sites.  Most of them will ask for a pad url for the product.  You simply upload your pad file to your website and give them the link to it.

Many shareware sites auto populate the form submissions based on the content of your pad file.  It's not too difficult.....but time consuming.

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@lynx550, I've registered on and I've created on http://publisher.appvisor.com/ a pad, the problem is that my pad is never published on that website, I've exported pad and add it to my website.

On http://author.brothersoft.com



Confirmation Failed!

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We are encountering some problems. Please try to confirm your registration later. We are sorry for inconvenience!



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A: Prior to v4.0, a publisher’s PAD file required a permanent hosting path/URL. Submission of the PAD file to a website required this. Other sites required publishers to submit a URL to their PAD file and extract the information for addition to their website. Both methods were extremely complicated as it took about 15 minutes per site for a successful submission.

Beginning with v4.0, a PAD file published on AppVisor will automatically generate a PAD hosting URL requiring the PAD file to be hosted on the Global PAD Repository, available at http://repository.appvisor.com. An example of the PAD Hosting URL would  look like this:   http://repository/appvisor.com/nameofapp.xml.


So since I have been not using the shareware sites for a while because my software product took off by word of mouth....... they changed the specs a little.  That AppVisor will instead generate it's own url for the pad file and instead of giving the url to your site you just give the url to the hosted pad file on AppVisor.

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