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Firefox 55.0.3 bug?


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Hi guys,

so I found a problem using latest Firefox version which I didn't had before using 55.0.1.

Problem: Any flashplayer issues.So if I start a video in a tab used a flashplayer then it normaly loads the video for a moment and does run it.All ok so far.But if I do same and do swicth to other open tab and switch back to the tab of the video then the player is gone or video shows a freezing image and video controls are gone.It only does show the video player controls in the middle of the video window which are very small now so the contol bar size has changed / like if you minimize a winodw.The video is playing but you cant see it.I I now press full screen button of video controls then video is shown but if I go back then video is no more shown etc.Any kind of strange issue.I also tried to run without AddOns but get same bad results.All in all it should be any bug in FF now so before was all working without that problems in 55.0.1 version.So it also not happens for all flashplayer just only at one site.In Chrome is working all fine.

So now I thought to switch back to 55.0.1 but seems not be so simple without to uninstall FF.So to uppdate FF is no problem but to switch back is a problem.No idea why the Firefox guys don't add some kind of rollback feature to pre used Firefox version.Maybe it would be a good idea to add such kind of feature in the future to have a choice and a fast way to make the last update invalid instead doing any un & install again.

Anyway,maybe I better wait till next update and check that problem again whether its gone then.In the meanwhile I use Chrome for that.

One more thing.So I am not sure for 100% but I have the feeling that the new Firefox since version 54 Multithreading etc is working more worst with HTML5 players than before.Normaly if I watch any video in browser using flashplayer and the video is HD or FullHD then my CPU usage is at the limit +/- 100% what was always so also now.But over HTML5 players I got always much lower CPU usage also for HD / FullHD videos but now I get also such high CPU usage for HTML5 too.Not the whole time so just if I start the video / seek and also durring playing it happens for some seconds (3 or 4) randomly.So the performance was with earlier versions constantly better.Just only my feeling.


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Did you update flashplayer too? Latest version is
you can update it from here:

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so I used already the latest flash plugin version before.Flash plugin isnt the problem so it must be a FF bug after version 55.0.1.So I didnt had updated to 55.0.2 after that version and updated to 55.0.3.

So about the player who makes that troube.The player control bar where you can press play / fullscreen & seekbar is a another swf file some kind of skin what will set as overlay on the window where the video plays.Means that the player controls are using own swf file and its no part of the default player what only shows the window with the video.If I disable to load the control swf then I also cant stop / fullscreen / seek the video etc.The main player has only a play button to start playing and after that you get control swf to see.

Anyway,so the problem must be in FF so with Chrome it dosent happen and with FF 55.0.1 also not.Maybe I download some pre FF versions and test them in a Sandbox to verify that problem again.


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Ok I tried to install diffrent FF version in Sandbox to test them.So I tried portable versions now.

55.0.2 = Problem as I told above
55.0.1 = Problem as I told above
55.0 =   Problem as I told above
54.0.1 = Working Fine no problem
54.0   = Working Fine no problem

So it seems that I used version 54.0.1 before and not 55.0.1 and updated from 54.0.1 (working) to 55.0.3 (Not working).Now after testing that version the problem came with version 55.0.So in the release notes of 55.0 I can see this...



Made the Adobe Flash plugin click-to-activate by default and allowed only on http:// and https:// URL schemes. (This change will not be visible to all users immediately. For more information see the Firefox plugin roadmap)

Maybe it has something to do with that change.So anything they must have change with flash so that it makes trouble from version 55.0.Anyway,so all what I can say is that all FF version from 55.0 till 55.0.3 have that problem I told above.Maybe the FF guys should check that again so somewhere they produced a bug.


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Hi again,

ok I found another site where Firefox 55.0 and higher do fail with handling a player using flash and showing strange behavior and the player is getting black and not showing the running stream anymore except sound is to hear only.So I made a short video where you can see the problem I mean and I also test the same with a lower FF version where everything is working fine.Just watch the video and test the site too so I dont think that the problem is on my side (settings etc).Just check that out and send some feedback whether you get same trouble or not.If yes then we know FF 55.0+ has a bug since while (I also testet nightly FF versions who also have that same bug) and maybe anyone could tell that problem to any of FF coder guys.

Firefox Problem 55.0 and higher.rar


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Hi guys,

did anybody check that site out to confirm the problem or not and sending any feedback?Should be no big deal to check that quickly or?If you dont want to download the video then just check that site....



....and if the stream runs then just switch to another tab or open another tab go there and then back to the stream tab and see whether the stream is black / hidden now etc.


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thanks for the link.So it seems they know that problem already for a while.Also enabling Flash hardware acceleration dosen't work for me in that case and it seems I am one of those people where it fails. :) Anyway,so lets hope that the FF guys do fix that problem soon.


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