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CrackMe by Tesla



Difficulty :  I think it's 5 or 6 not sure don't blame me please.
Language : C#
Platform : DOS
OS Version : Windows
Packer / Protector : Priv8 method used

Description :

1.) Unpack

2.) Crack

3.) Send me the file :)

Screenshot :


CrackMe1 (2).exe

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man of the war




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Pass "ZmPXPWareIErdPbi6dpgXXB2eiwTeslaQYr5yAzc"

The file is not packed, but is obfuscated, so

 1.) Unpack description is rave.
These are different things.
The obfuscator is very similar to the appfuscator.

Patch is very easy but I do not want to waste time on this.
Complexity 0/10

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What's the private method in that? Nothing is modified lol

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I rate this 1/10 its really easy. be4cfe391afee6326e3a63c243c5329d.png

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