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Why does nslookup fail for all?

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Hi guys,

so I have a little problem using nslookup command in commandline tool (CMD).So I always get server unknown and timeout was 2 seconds only for any site / IP.Also same if I just enter nslookup alone!?Anyone a idea what the problem could be now?


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Use it with a domain name...

nslookup google.com

to show servers ip

without domain name you are showing your own ip

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I told already isnt working with or without using a domain.Seems I need  to reset my router or something.


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Hi again,

so its working now again more or less.I did un-power my router / box and now the nslookup does work with domains / IPs but for myself I still get server unknown and a IPv6 IP.So if I disable IPv6 in my network setting settings then I get Standardserver: xy and as  address 192.168...So internet is also working now but in task I get a Network problem icon!?So it seems I have to keep enabled IPv6 too.

One more question: So can anyone tell me what is the best configuration for a  networkcard / adapter?So I see there are many things I can choose and set but of course I dont know what they really mean.On internet I found some setting infos like this...

Abladung großer Übertragung V2 (IP = Aktiviert
Abladung großer Übertragung V2 (IP = Aktiviert
ARP Offload = Deaktiviert
Energy Efficient Ethernet = Deaktiviert
Fließkontrolle = Aktiviert
Geschwindigkeit & Duplex = 100Mbit/s Vollduplex
Gigabit autom. deaktivieren = Deaktiviert
Green-Ethernet = Aktiviert
Interrupt-Moderation = Aktiviert
IPv4 Prüfsummenabladung = Deaktiviert
Jumbo-Rahmen = Deaktiviert
Netzwerkadresse = Nicht vorhanden
NS Offload = Deaktiviert
Priorität & VLAN = Priorität & VLAN Deaktiviert
Puffer empfangen = 512
Puffer übertragen = 128
Seitenskallierung empfangen = Aktiviert
TCP Prüfsummenabladung (IPv4) = Deaktiviert
TCP Prüfsummenabladung (IPv6) = Deaktiviert
UDP Prüfsummenabladung (IPv4) = Deaktiviert
UDP Prüfsummenabladung (IPv6) = Deaktiviert
Wake on Magic Packet = Aktiviert
Wake on pattern match = Aktiviert
Wake-On-Lan herunterfahren = Aktiviert
WoL/Link-Geschwindigkeit reduzieren = 10Mbit/s zuerst

...to improve ping values etc.

So on the other hand I did many internet speed tests on diffrent sites and I also get many diffrent results also if I use diffrent browsers!?On some sites the ping tests are not working and fail (I also disabled FW etc but had no effect).For download speed I mostly get a value ra +/- 60 Mbps (I have a 120 Mbps pipe).I also know I use a wrong lan cable (+10 years old) and need any higher cat version and also need a other lan giga card so my does only support 100 Mbps.

Mostly I check the speed on this site: speedtest.net

Also there the results I get are very differently (depends on server I did choose) from just 10 Mbps - 80 Mbps and in some cases the test need 5 minutes or more.

Anyway,just wanna ask whether you have any kind of hints I could test / follow to make my settings / internet speed better or more constant if possible.

PS: I also tried to make some ping test in commandline and for some  I get 100% lost.Maybe just a reason because it can access the site via IP address?

C:\>ping bild.de

Ping wird ausgeführt für bild.de [] mit 32 Bytes Daten:
Zeitüberschreitung der Anforderung.
Zeitüberschreitung der Anforderung.
Zeitüberschreitung der Anforderung.
Zeitüberschreitung der Anforderung.

Ping-Statistik für
    Pakete: Gesendet = 4, Empfangen = 0, Verloren = 4
    (100% Verlust),

Thank you

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if you are having trouble accessing sites with e.g. www.blahblahblah.com maybe a problem with dns? try flushing the dnscache "ipconfig /flushdns" in a command shell.

i would check your subnet mask / gateway or any firewalls / antivirus. must be a misconfiguration somewhere possibly the router.. maybe try diagnostic checks in your routers setup page.. i.e or whatever it may be for you brand of router.. this could be a lot of things even a faulty cable, port / network card.. hopefully this helps a bit :)

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so in the last days I tried already many things also using such cmd comands too.Only thing what did work was to un-/re-power my router box to get nslookup working again with any sites / IPs xy.Also before where it wasnt working I have seen the info that IPv6 was set to no for internet and only IPv4 = Internet.After the re-power of my router I got again Internet for IPv6 too.Strange.No idea what to setup in my router box.There are many settings and also a Firewall too inside etc.Inside I have set all to default (factory setting).Hhmm,good ok so I will order a cat 6 cable & lan card soon and will test again so maybe then I get better & more constant results.

Thanks again so far

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Hi guys,

I need some help.So I did order a new network card "Realtek PCI GBE Family Controller" and new lan cable cat 6.I did connected everything on my PC and installed drivers from CD.So the problem I have now is that my connection gets always diconnected to my routerbox (red cross on network icon / Win 7).I only have a few minutes (more or less where all is working as it should) before I get again the red cross / not connected!?So if this happens then I just need to change anything in  my network card settings like Speed / Duplex (1.0 GB /s Full Duplex to anything else) and then my device manager gets some refresh and the network icon in task does refresh / load too and the connection is there again for a while.This really sucks and I dont know what the problem could  be.If I am no more connected then I let run the windows problem check and it tells me that the network cable isnt connected but it is and if I do change something in card settings then its also working again.Does anyone have a idea why it makes this trouble?

Info: So the new cable is not the problem so I have test it yesterday for some hours on my intern lan port (Realtek PCIe FE Family Conroller).There is all working and connection keeps so long I want.

Just need any advice how to fix that problem with my new card to keep the connection alive.I also disabled power options for that card but it also dosent help.Maybe you have some infos what I could do to fix that problem.

Thank you

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Hi again,

so in the last days I did talked with a friend who was trying to help me to fix that lan card problem and I tried everything I could but without success till yesterday.

First I thought the problem could be that the new lan card dosent fit correctly for 100 % in my PCI slot (no idea why but the sheet metal part is a little too long) and only the half card is into the PCI slot and also the PC did recognize the card and everything was ok only that the internet / router connection didnt keep as it should.Then I removed the sheet metal part from the card and did pluged it into completely and tried it again but also without success and it did lost again the connection after a while till I changed again anything into card settings etc and then the connection came back.So nothing seems to help.

So as last possible step I tried to use other CMD commands as ipconfig /release & renew and for both I got a error message about..

The following error occurred while releasing the Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1 interface: The system can not find the specified file.

...and right below I saw some Ethernet-Adapter datas etc.After that I did change again any card settings to get a connection and from now on the connection did work the whole time without to disconnect anymore and also today is everything working without problems but I still dont know why its working now and before not.I also cant see whether the 2 cmd commands did change anything also if I got the error message above but its working now so far.But I dont know whether I can trust the peace now for 100 % you know.Strange strange.


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