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how did code cracker started  reverse engeering  and how did he procedeed further? please tell even i wana to be as great re as you code cracker i dont want just only tools to use to re please 

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Haha... :P Thanks for your appreciations.
I graduated informatics, that for sure helped.
Learning how to code / programming language may help, especially if you want automate the process.
Assembler is a must for RE, also is the only programming language computer understands.
Will come an assembler language tutorial from me, I just have to translate from roumanian to english,
and is the biggest tutorial I've made.
I was thinking to learn web design but left as just a thought/ never taked it seriously.
RE can be learned, is just about effort and it takes time.
With the exception Lena's tutorials which are great there aren't many great tutorials,
sure you may find some good manual unpacking tutorial,
most of tutorials are just simple patching and less about how thing works!

You may try these tutorials:
New series will come.

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A good friend of mine (a friend in real life) "corrupted" me to try to crack programs,
my friend was not a cracker and never becomed a cracker.
At informatics college a professor told me something like "finish with craps", so he was aware of my "activities",
but never made me any problem with exams, also I've graduated.

At college I've made cracks for some collegues, some CD checkers of some games, and kiiling an anoying NAG before recovering file (a undelete program).
I've started cracking program in 2005 as a solitar cracker. My first cracked program was Xintengrity: a trial program (30 times/runs expiration program),
I didn't used any debugger only Hview hex editor, I've saved all registry key to a reg file before and after runing programs (one value/run substracted), so I've I've noticed was was changed and I knowed the registry value name where the number of runs left was stored, I've searched for all strings of that and they was more so I've changed all until the trial was killed.

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