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why is the scene not as alive? + found another forum

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hi all,


why is the scene more dead? hackforums with the skids are still online 400 members in last 3 minutes.....

anyway, found this other forum, it is social engineering etc



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Some reasons I'd say that have helped slowly kill the scene, albeit not fully dead but definitely not where it was before:

Money - Given that it's much easier to obtain money online via ePayments such as Paypal, Stripe, etc. people are more inclined to stop sharing things for free and instead expect money for their time/work. Nothing wrong with this expect for when it ties into another issue, copy-pasting.

Copy-Pasting - Something that has definitely become a huge issue with anything released related to hacking/reversing etc. is that things turn into a copy/paste fest these days. Before, the scene was strict about monitoring for ripping of content and calling out teams/people for things when they were caught. However, now it is so widespread and there is no real sense of respect like before so there is no quality control any longer. (A prime example of this, HackForums. It is nothing but a skid copy/paste fest on that site. There are a few decent coders but the vast majority just copy others stuff, change 1-2 lines of code, rename the project and claim they wrote it. Another example, ConfuserEx, look at all the different 'modded' versions of it that change little to nothing but claim its a fully new protection.)

Ego/Attitude - Another thing that has become more of a problem, in my opinion, is the expectation that anyone new to reversing is supposed to just know everything off the bat and otherwise gets flamed asking for help. This is something that has affected this site over the last few years with anyone asking for assistance getting bitched at for no reason. Something that seems to be forgotten by some of the experienced people is that they started off not knowing anything at one point too and instead they just enjoy being assholes to others. Hence why the challenges section of this site have gone under a ton of changes since it just turned into a 'look at my e-dick' fest for a while.

Overall though, times have changed, people pay for things more readily than waiting for anything free to come out first. People pay for cracks/exploits/0days/etc. with some paying for large amounts of money. It incentivizes those capable to sell their work instead of releasing it for free and having it ripped within a week. Don't blame them, to be honest either, with sites like HF, copypasting is such a huge problem anymore. 

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Right on the dot atom0s.

What's bothersome is that lately, even decent coders get into the copy-pasting business.

I had one of the best known reversers that I spent time studying what he wrote (his writing and subject matter skills are excellent), who went and released, half a year ago, a copy of a crack of mine as if it was his own and keeps doing it since then. Disappointing but it looks like a harbinger of things to come.



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11 hours ago, roocoon said:

Right on the dot atom0s.

What's bothersome is that lately, even decent coders get into the copy-pasting business.

I had one of the best known reversers that I spent time studying what he wrote (his writing and subject matter skills are excellent), who went and released, half a year ago, a copy of a crack of mine as if it was his own and keeps doing it since then. Disappointing but it looks like a harbinger of things to come.


I know you are talking about me, and I know your mentality, the reason behind your anger is that what I released has dropped your sales.

You are selling cracks which is not something that decent reversers would do, at least the generation I belong to.

No matter how many times I explain this to you, that several teams used to release the same software and they shared the same

patches locations because those patches are what should be patched, patches are a public property, no one can monopolize them ! grow up.


Actually I have several ways to crack those products that you are selling, maybe if I show you this image you will chill out ?



What you are looking at here is a full license server that I wrote from scratch, no patches, no shit.

This can kill your business for years to come, I didn't release it although I could do that with few clicks, in the end

I am not a monster or cracks seller, you might have noticed that I gave you and Chaos group time gaps to run your business and

I only released stuff after months, also I made those releases work in a way that fit hobbyists and not those who makes money from

this software, of course version 3.40.03 was an exception because it was kinda getting old.

wanna see something else ?

how about I release those products with completely different patches from what you do ? I can do that if you like ?

I am not an expert or an elitist, I just do what I like and people here know me, I don't care what you say here or in other forums.

do you know any rippers out there who can unpack Wibu and write a full license server from scratch ?

yeah maybe I'm just another ripper ... 


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Selling cracks is illegal in most country, crack is a very dangerous drugs, it infects your blood vessels ! Just don't do drugs guys. And chill a bit maybe

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What do you know... I wasn't planning mentioning any names but there you are.

You're coming on strong with a server crack, Wibu and what not, but so what? I know and told you already you're a great reverser and if you'd put your mind and time into it, you'd do what I had done with vray. Nevertheless, you chose to release my unmodified cracked files.

In reference to patch monopolies, why do we look down on copy-pasting when people do it? I suppose you approve of it, so be it.

As for patch locations being what should be patched, therefore other people could come up with the same ones, is for another parallel universe. Unless you claim that people could separately look at a 400MB+ IDA file and all come up bit-for-bit with the exact 8-9 routines and around 290 bytes total.

You're not a monster etc (I never thought you were, rather that you are one of the brilliant reversers/writers) and you give Chaos time gaps to run their business... Nice of you but somehow I was under the impression you're one of the 'pure' reversers that don't bother with commercial cracks. Misunderstanding on my part I suppose. As for my 'business' :) go ahead and knock yourself out. I'll lose 2-4 coffees per day for a month. Good for my blood pressure :)

I don't know what generation you belong to, but I suspect you're wrong in your assumptions. The last few years (since 2010 or so), what you look down upon, became a necessity to be able to survive (we are talking about crackers ad not reversers by the way, and certainly depends on where you live at, age, prospects, etc). The years before that, back to the middle 80's, my cracks were available in the open. But were all cracks for free? I cracked dongles for 40K bucks programs in the 90's for a couple of groups and none of them showed up at large. Why would that be? Well, think of special customers, upfront crack costs, distribution costs in the early days and who knows what else. Cracks were free for the masses but some people had already paid for them.

Anyway, enough with this. Water under the bridge, doesn't flow backwards.

Take care.





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It's all about money and not the principle, you are just morphing it and you know it.

I didn't crack their server, I coded a new one from line zero, I can control every aspect of it, number of nodes and time and even

the sexual orientation of these nodes.

What I released to the public was the "poor man's solution", i.e what average people and hobbyist need and what can help some people

put food on the table, I'm not seeking fame or money, Just like this little server toy was unknown to you, there are other toys that I never posted in public

but your ego made you think that no one can crack this software except you, and in case someone does then he is definitely stealing your methods ! come on ...

I have an other complete set of patches that I can use but I didn't simply because I was too lazy to convert the new offsets to RVAs, yes I'm that lazy !

Quit this "They stole my patches" attitude, because it's getting more and more silly with time.


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Last reply on this because it is getting silly as you rightly say.

I'll just remind you of the very first crack you released in November 2016 in celebration of your site's 10 years. Protection code in the crack you posted, dated December 2015. Which happens to be a bit-image copy of an older version's crack of mine. Case closed.

You are a very knowledgeable person and it's a pleasure to read your stuff. I'll keep it at that.



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now you still have the exclusivity of selling version 3.5 but you

will lose this right if you keep this sick attitude, It's up to you.

46.5 hours left.

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Don't make me answer to garbage questions. It's getting annoying.

You 'borrowed' (without permission) and distributed my crack as your own and you have the gall to threaten me? Shouldn't that be the other way around?

If you can't stomach accusations of this kind, don't get into the position to attract them.

What is the world coming to? It's like having to apologize to some thief for getting your watch. Hard to keep my cool with your attitude. I better go watch some movie.




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OK, have it your way ...

This thief will show you his ugly side.

Calling me a thief because I made a crack of a software that you sell cracks for ? Who is the thief here ?

I wonder how the original developers see you in this case, man you are delusional, watch some Japanese porn, It may fix your perspectives a little.

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How old are you? You start sounding like an adolescent (I'd like to have been one too so nothing wrong with that) and I had you pegged around 35-43 because of your knowledge and exposition style.

Regardless of what you're turning into (ugly side and all), you still try to put things in the wrong perspective.

"You made a crack of a software that I sell cracks for". Not quite. "You made a copy of a software that I sell cracks for, and you passed it as your own". You know, your anniversary release is still around and anybody can check the file dates.

As for the original developers, I'm pretty sure they get mad with me selling 3-4 copies for peanuts. How happy they are with you that makes it available to thousands, I can't guess.

Anyway, I'll give you a way out because it's getting to be embarrassing. "It's a misunderstanding of definitions". Your definition of "making a crack" is releasing any crack but not necessarily your own. In my definition, "making a crack" means releasing a crack of my own. Problem solved better than with the Gordian Knot :)

P.S. I don't watch Japanese porn. Last time I came across one, 20 years ago or so, they used to censor the videos like Google Maps secret places. Not fun at all.




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32 minutes ago, Hypnz said:

@roocoon man I know kura very well. Isn't the guy who will stole cracks.

I know him pretty well too and I think highly of his talents. He can certainly crack whatever he puts his mind on and I never heard of any complaints about him.

He did it once to facilitate his anniversary release, I told him in private it was my crack, he apologized because he didn't know, and we left it at that. No harm done. Unfortunately he kept coming back with new releases based on the same patches in some sort of vigilante attitude. Well, I don't accept vigilantism too well :)

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Hey old thing

It's really getting personal, don't push it any more.

When did I ever apologize ? and I apologized for what ?

you might have understood me the wrong, I was sympathizing with you because what I released could harm your sales and

I thought this is how you make living.

I never apologize.

anyway, I will say no more, I will do.

Watch the warez forums in the next days.

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