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How to create highly compressed Customized Windows Image?


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I found this Windows 7 OS.rar file from Google Drive. Its size is just 2.7MB.


When I extracted I got 4.7GB .iso file.

My question is how to create the Windows installer image (D:\sources\install.wim) file to compress highly.


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What you found is a fake ISO image where all files contain zeroes. Of course, such files will compress very well. You could even have 1TB file with all zeroes and compress it to a few MB RAR file.

But no, you can't create a real Windows installer image which will compress that well. It's just impossible.


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Yes, there used to be a similar scam in the Windows XP days where someone claimed that they could compress the entire 650 MB Windows XP ISO into 10 MB - of course, it was a fake :)

I do not mean remove unwanted elements from it. I mean just compress that entire 650 MB install ISO into a compressed file of 10 mb !

So this is also a similar scam.

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