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Crackmes in Delphi

Aldhard Oswine

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Aldhard Oswine

Why are most of crackmes written in Delphi or VB and not in C or C++?

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3 hours ago, abhi93696 said:

I think it is coz Delphi lets you build GUI software really quickly. :D

Not so. If you Visual C++ 6.0 is easy to build GUI. They could me more C++ IDE!
I think the reason may be that crackmes creators are using Delphi or VB!

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Could be a easy way than code in C++.

In our country Pascal have been teached into schools and many are accommodated with Pascal/Delphi rather than C++.

Could be a reason.

C like languages are more efficient but hard to code and VB, for example, is less practical but very easy to code.



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