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Thanks @abhi93696 :)

This tool is for Windows 10 :

Since @abhi93696 mentioned it, this tool can help configure and also remove most of the "Spying" features in Windows 10 x86 and x64 - upto the Anniversary version (1607).

This particular version has been compiled by me personally though I have not actually created it (its Open Source and on github).

Get it here :






SHA256 of the RAR file : fa1b05da07a6c542a7ba84e5f5836e0afb86e2cc652de5522f3b36a904976cb0

SHA1 of the RAR file :     0122bce9e0b1ca8f1efbdeabcfa9bdd7f34858e1

MD5 of the RAR file :      d9d754f379675148d8bdedd896764aab



SOURCES can be gotten here :



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