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RE4B - Written by Dennis Yurichev

Aldhard Oswine

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Aldhard Oswine

I'm reading RE4B by D.Yurichev https://beginners.re/

I know some x86/x64 and it's easy to follow x86/x64 codes in the book, but there is ARM/ARM64 and MIPS also. I know nothing about ARM and MIPS.
What would you advice me? learn some ARM/ARM64 and MIPS and after this continue reading the book or skip ARM/MIPS parts and only read x86/x64 parts.

My goal is to be a good malware analyst.

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Personally, I'm not a big fan of that particular book. It tries to do too much and mixes everything together. In my opinion, beginners should start by mastering one platform and then switch to another.
You wouldn't try to learn Russian, Chinese, Hindu and Swahili at the same time, would you? :)

So, I would suggest that you stick with the platforms you do understand, master those and then expand - if you need/want to. 


P.S. In my experience, malware analysts also specialize. Some do Windows malware, some - Android, some - web stuff. It's more efficient that way.

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Aldhard Oswine

Yes, I think the same way. It's too hard for beginners to follow all of them.
At this moment I'm practicing in x86 and sometimes x64.

I think skipping parts is a good idea.

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