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A book related to Computer Architecture, Operating system, C, etc

Aldhard Oswine

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Aldhard Oswine

I want to be a good reverse engineer and malware analyzer. I have some good books about RE and Malware Analysis. I made some progress step-by-step. I like this journey.
I feel I need much more depth in computer architecture and operating systems, also in C.
I know some C/C++/C#/Python at the intermediate level.
I prefer books less theoretical.
I know there are many great reverse engineers, I need your help. :)

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Programming from the ground up. It's an open source book but It is highly regarded by most, It covers everything from RAM to C and assembly, and I would definitely recommend it. After that I would probably say Practical Reverse Engineering, Practical Malware Analysis as they are extremely practical (hence the name) but also covering those need to know theoretical concepts.

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