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Hi guys,

today I would like to ask whether there are any members on this forum who are interested into the video streaming theme.Mostly all kind of stuff (rtmp / HLS / HDS / etc).So I like this theme and made also some tools in the past to pipe / watch / record streams at home. :) Just asking so maybe some of you have same interest and we can discuss on this forum about it etc something like that you know.


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Coolio :) and thanks for your answer so now I know there is another one around on this froum who has same interest.

Nice to hear that so I like this too and also just for strictly home watching hehe. :) Do you have maybe any special sites you do watch dearest etc?


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2 hours ago, LCF-AT said:

Do you have maybe any special sites you do watch dearest etc?

For many of the sites that run in a browser, I am able to use the firefox addon technique to download to my PC.

But recently one of my friends had asked me to see if we can help him download the streaming content from a site : sling.com

He does have a subscription but the problem being that when the programs being streamed, he would not be at home at those times to watch them - hence wanted to know if there would be a solution enabling him to download and watch them later.

I have seen it and there seems to a small installable app (downloaded from their site), using which one would be able to login to that site and watch the streaming media.

He is allowed to record and watch for his own private purposes (according to the website agreeement) but the problem is that he is unable to find an inexpensive solution (cannot afford a DVR).

The app can be downloaded for FREE here .

Also, for anyone willing to test it, the site offers a FREE 7 DAYS TRIAL at this time (sometimes they offer a free MONTH :) )

As I said earlier, for most of the other sites, the firefox plugin is able to download videos for offline viewing - the problem with the sling.com being that it doesn ot play in a browser.

We are of course NOT looking for solutions that actually RECORD from the screen.

I understand that this thread is for solutions that involve direct writing of the streams to disk.



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I dont know this site yet but also its again geo blocked for me but also with proxy you need to create any account I dont have (also dont like to register just to check something etc).So maybe the site only does use only peer2peer technology or its using silverlight etc.Do you know any similar site whats not geo blocked & dosent need any account to get any channel to see in browser?


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By the way,so I made a little app just for fun and I dont use it (dont watch TV on internet) and maybe someone is interested?Just asking before this app also gets dusty in my app folders. :) Below a picture.



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1 hour ago, LCF-AT said:

By the way,so I made a little app just for fun and I dont use it (dont watch TV on internet) and maybe someone is interested?

Your app looks mighty nice @LCF-AT !

Would sure like to take a look if you want to share it with me :)

You can PM me the link please ?

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Hi guys,

I made a update and post my new version for all who are interested into.I also created a video tutorial how to use the app and how find some paramters manually if its necessary to update them.All very simple to handle for you so just try it if you want (or not) and send some feeback if you like or possible found bugs / problems etc.

PS: Sorry for the large filesize of the package but the video was getting bigger as expected.

Streamlive Loader 1.1 - How to use.rar


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Hi Orthodox,

nice to hear you like the little app and thanks for the little feedback. :)

PS: Also thanks to all other members who did download the app.


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