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Mouse wheel is working strange!


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Hi guys,

just wanna ask something.So before a while I did buy some new PC mouses and yesterday I did check out one of them and found something strange.So the mouse I have test is a normal USB mouse with cable two buttons and a wheel.The strange thing is that the wheel works not so as all other mouses I had before.The wheel if I use it to scroll something is only just working every second wheel turn.You know what I mean,every second wheel turn click etc.One / it works / seocnd / nothing / third / works / fourth / nothing etc.So what the heck is this?Any production error in the mouse or is it intended that the mouse wheel just works on that way?If yes so what is the reason for this or where is the sense behind this?Never heard somethig about this before and also there are no infos to find on the mouse packaging!I cant also enable or disable this strange mouse wheel problem on the mouse itself. :( I only can change the mouse wheel options in windows to scroll more by a wheel turn but its not same.All in all just a stupid mouse product.Has anyone of you also such a strange mouse?Or does anyone know something about this "only working on second wheel tick" feature?If yes so how is this called so I dont wanna buy such a dirty mouse again in the future. :) 


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Mouse wheel problems are common because they pick up dirt & grease from your hand but depending on the make and type of mouse it could be a number of things

Generally opening up and cleaning the wheel mechanism will fix or even aligning properly etc.

There are plenty of tutorial videos on youtube for such things


But the only way to tell for sure is opening it up and inspecting what is wrong :)

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thanks for your answer but you did understand me a little bit wrong.So I am not talking about any mouse I did use already for a long time etc so mouse I am talking about is new.I did open the mouse package just yesterday and tried to use it and there I have seen that wheel problem on first use.Thats also the reason why I do ask so it must be any wanted issue by the company who made the mouse or its really any kind of production fault or anything like this.The strange thing is also that the wheel is working normal and I can feel each wheel tick (all feel same) but only every second tick does scroll something on the screen / browser.As I said I never heard anything about thins mouse function and if its really a wanted function then the question is what the sens is you know.Maybe a special mouse for people who have long fingers. :) So for me the function makes no sense and if its a function who had this senseless idea to build such mouses and to sell them without any info on the mouse box.Really a super surprise!!!Such a BS!You also dont buy a new car with a half wheel just if you like big space during using the wheel. :) Anyway,so its strange but also funny and just wanna know what it makes for a sense and on internet I cant find any infos and also dont know for what I have to search (mouse with free ticks etc!?). :)


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There are no settings for such a thing

This sounds like a hardware problem, possibly a sensor or led misalignment

Opening it up you could see for sure but as it is new I would just return it for a new one :)

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Hi again,

so I just did buy this mouse before some months and put it into closet just to have any mouse if my mouse gets broken.So I did buy 2 diffrent mouses.One small mouse wireless mouse + USB funk thing and the other one with cable which has this wheel issue and this mouse is from any super market company.Both are bad. :( The wireless USB mouse has a bad optical scan issue so it also work if I high up the mouse from the ground till 1 cm so that totally bad and a mouse pad I also need to use for this mouse too what is also bad.The buttons are also hard to press but the good thing is the wheel is working as it should. :) The best mouse I have is a small notebook mouse and this is working like butter but unfortunately the buttons are no more working so good and I need to press them harder.Maybe I could fix this if I open / clean the mouse or maybe its any cable issue so this is very thin.Anyway,so I think I got some bad luck to choose this both mouses.


Also I think the other wheel problem mouse is just not working as it should because its any super market mouse.

Here the mouse I normaly use...


....its no special mouse or somehing just a normal mouse but the handling is just great.


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I have a Steelseries Sensei RAW that had mouse wheel issues, scroll jumping or missing a turn. I took it apart as there is a little disk inside that gets gummed up with grease over time and did some modifications to prevent it from recurring again and to lessen the clicking sound coming from the scroll wheel. Even without the mod I still regard this as being one of the best mouse I have ever owned - and I have owned and used a lot of mice in different shapes and sizes. So good I purchased spare Sensei RAW's for future use if it ever fails and needs to be replaced. I also own a DM1 Pro S mouse which is very good and some other general mice. If you intend on purchasing a new mouse to last a long time they are my two personal suggestions...


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