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Careful If You Own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7


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Apparently, the units overheat and can spontaneously catch fire.

Careful guys, just check if the phone you own is an AFFECTED one or not...


From the article :




As Samsung and U.S. authorities try to sort things out, the smoking Samsung on Southwest creates another huge PR nightmare for the company just as Samsung was starting to wake up from last month’s very bad dream. That embarrassing recall was prompted by 92 reports in the United States of batteries overheating. Shortly after its release, the latest version of Samsung’s flagship phone was linked to 26 reports of burns and 55 cases of property damage.

At the time, the Federal Aviation Administration went so far as to warn passengers not to use or charge the devices while on board and not to stow them in checked luggage. And flight attendants on many airlines have added a warning about the Samsung device to their pre-flight safety demonstrations.

Even more troubling, Samsung customers in Asia have been reporting problems with smartphones that use the same battery as the one Samsung used in its replacement Note 7, though the company has said it examined the Chinese phones and found the batteries were fine."



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