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Hi guys,

I don't know how many of you have heard about CTF contests. Basically those are contests organized by different entities (Universities, Google, Facebook, Mozila, etc.) containing problems that mainly require security knowledge (web hacking, reverse engineering, writing shellcode for different architectures [to exploit buffer overflows, use after free, etc].

There is a global ranking here http://ctftime.org/  that sums together all CTFs by difficulty and number of teams that played and other factors too.

I am part of a team that used to be a top 10 one 2 years ago, then we stopped playing, some had too much work, some moved to other teams as we were not playing that much anymore etc. Right now we are willing to go strong with the team again and we are looking for new members. We are gonna play our first CTF this weekend, it's 48 hours long, most problems are binaries (Crackme problems and vulnerable Linux binaries that need to be exploited to eventually get Remote Code Execution on the server they run and do something like "cat password.txt").

So if any of you guys that are very active in the Crackmes/Unpackmes/Keygenmes category and not only are willing to join a team and play whenever you like, whenever you can (CTFs are like 1-2 / month and most of them during weeknds), shot me an PM or write here and let's get in touch. It's a lot of fun, a lot to learn, even some money to earn (this weekend's CTF is the qualification round, final round is in vietnam in December with prizes for top 3 of $10.000 $5000 and $2000), a lot of great guys in security to meat and many places to travel (if qualified - DEFCON - las vegas; PHDays - Moscow, Codegate/Secuinside - Seoul + many in Germany, Spain, USA, etc.)

Best regards!


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