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Some Win 7 questions


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Hi guys,

so I have two questions about Windows 7 and maybe you can help.First I wanna know whether there is any method to start offten used apps quickly?So I mean it does differ on Win 7 to start apps so it seems to be randomly so sometimes it starts quick and then it will take a longer time etc.So I would like to start some apps just fast without longer loading times because of any reason.Can I give any app more memory somewhere or else etc so could this help?

Next question: So I see that the Win 7 explorer has no icon bar anymore where I could handle files quickly just by button click.So I do miss the delete icon very much.No idea why there are no icons anymore to press as on XP so to remove them was just a very bad idea.On the Net I found some description about same problem and found some infos to edit the regedit and some more to get the icon / delete function back.So does it really work and did someone of you tried this already or is it just a bad idea (I think so)?Maybe you have some hints about this issue too.

Thank you

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Hi guys and thanks for answers,

so the HDD isnt the problem kao.Ok it seems I need to install any other tool to get a delete button.Uhhmm!

So normaly I dont wanna use any other Explorer icarusdc so the Win 7 Explorer is good just missing delete button.Oh and no,I dont wanna launch any apps on startup.For example if I use any app and you start it then it takes time X to start the app.If I now close the app again and start it again then it needs time Y and so on etc.From quick till slow so its like a random.Anyway. :) Maybe again any OS issue or whatever.



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"So I mean it does differ on Win 7 to start apps so it seems to be randomly so sometimes it starts quick and then it will take a longer time etc ".

I am not sure but my guess is "cache". I think the speed difference you notice is when a program got already started and you start it again. Test it: Open a big file (like Photoshop) and close it after it opened and open it again. It will start super quick.

If that's not what you mean I don't know :D

I was however happy if Windows was doing it like linux: Keep everything in RAM until RAM is full and then start to clear when RAM is needed.


Aber gute Neuigkeiten für den Delete-Button:


Ich empfehle aber auf der Tastatur einfach Entf zu drücken, geht schneller :3


Und jetzt hab ich mal eine Frage: Bist du erst jetzt von Windows XP umgestiegen? Du bist mir sympathisch :D

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