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Update: The source code apparently hid a message to various scene groups recently discovered by cpy .

Hola A ** V **** (S ****** / CPY ^ RLD ^ 0x0007 ^ ALiAS), one does not just devirtualize a panda. Czesc K *** L ***** (k ** / CPY ^ RLD ^ 0x0007 ^ ALiAS), did you enjoy the sprouts? Hei N ** G ******* (C ****** / FLT ^ RLD ^ BAT), cool arcade, but you need a wig. Ola J ** B *** (N ******** / SKD ^ DS), nuke them! They stole your wrapper! Bonjour F ***** **** (x /;)) 2 beers please. Hello M *** M **** (r *** / RZR), you are not. Hi E ***** L ***** (Z **** / RZR), are you living your dream? Hello C *** H ***** (a ****** / MYTH ^ HLM ^ GNS ^ BACKLASH ^ DEV ^ HTD ^ FLT ^ CDX ^ STP), nice parrots, captain. Hello D **** K ****** (l ****** / PDX ^ MYTH ^ HLM ^ GNS ^ BACKLASH ^ FLT ^ CDX), you are the old school elite. Hello M ***** K **** (a ******* / HLM ^ DEV ^ BACKLASH ^ POSTMORTEM), nice scrollers. So hello to * p * / RLD. Hey m *** / DG ^ MYTH ^ HLM ^ DEV ^ HTD ^ FLT, you scored big in Vegas! Privet n ** / MYTH ^ HLM ^ CDX, software reverse engineers you. Hey m **** / RLD ^ TFA, rock on! Hello c ***** / MYTH ^ HLM, your dump site went down :(. Hello m ** aka m *** aka d *** / HLM ^ CDX, drm sucks, or not? Hello J * K * ** (k **** / HLM), the San Andreas Fault is overdue. Hi w ***** / RLD ^ TFA, n ** / RLD ^ TFA> v ******* / RLD ^ Hello to m ***** / MAGNiTUDE Hey k ***** / SKD ^ DS, check your privacy! Ciao b *** / CPY! Hello m **** * / HLM ^ POSTMORTEM, you are in love with the sinus man Hey T ****** / HLM ^ DEV ^ CDX, do not make the DRM guy mad. Please give our regards to your friends and foes in TFA , PCD and PHASE Email: 

You are releasing a version of this protection on a future update of this game for your pleasure Never sail in a storm!


Update: Valeroa responded to our press request this Friday. You write:

Thank you for your mail. Correct, the individual / group behind "Steam006" released a pirated version of the title in question 2.5 days after its release. Technically Steam006 did not crack the anti-tamper solution in 20 minutes as it was used on emulation tool he worked on for years. This tool does not attack that is protected by the anti-tamper.



This contrasts with statements made on the company’s website back in May (now deleted) that said the following:

“We closely watch the ‘Warez Scene’, P2P and reverse engineering communities. We report criminal activities to legal institutions. Pirate release groups, we know who you are and you have been warned!” the statement read.

cheers all




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A funny joke site making fun of Denuvo was made here: http://revolt.group/donovo/

Here is an example of DRM overkill, Rime. A few days back Baldman removed Denuvo with the following comment... Good example of game stutter... Download video Ted

Does anyone even really care about the stupid 'scene rules' anymore? Who cares what some elitists want to state is required for something. If they can make the game run anywhere with or without Denuvo

im pretty sure at least one of those censored names above isnt even active anymore, and retired years ago.. makes you wonder just how 'informed' they are...

and regardless of their 'emulated not cracked'.. at the end of the day it boils down to the same damn thing, it was pirated... 

and 'source code'.. are you sure you dont mean it was a block in the executable or something like previous messages in older titles from some german publisher (whose name i forget at the moment but i had fun replying to their message and reencrypting it back with their key on the release) :)

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Kind of funny of them to write off the crack/bypass/emulation simply because it doesn't meet their personal definition of it. Does the game work for everyone? Does it make the game free? If so then it's defeated. Who cares about how it works, the end result is what matters and what people care about. With the bragging and name callouts by Valeroa, it just makes it seem like they are people that left the scene who knew peoples names before hand and are just trying to make it look like they have some sort of inside knowledge by other means. 

Really kind of sad to see the company act that childish when their protection is being defeated that easily.

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Did they just doxed a bunch of scene guys or am i too high again to understand anything ? 


I'm totally with them on the fact that the dude did not cracked the binary in 20m however, since he used a tool he used to code for a long time (2 years ?). Looks like "whos got the biggest D" games are getting funnier 

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@XenocodeRCE - you're right they did (sort of) dox (just by nicks) some sceners, but quite a few of them are definitely retired, so i think they're trying to pretend they are 'scene knowledgeable' (most likely to promote their 'monitoring' of scene forums, groups and so on).. like are myth and cls even going anymore ? 

as for the crack in 20m thing, it happened, while it mightnt be a crack by their terms, its still the same result to their customer who purchased this 'protection'.. so its usual pr bollocks 

the naming really reminds me of jowood - they did the exact same thing, except if anything it backfired, as it pissed the crackers off.. for me, if a jowood title came along it automatically got pushed to the top priority to be 'fixed' and i know im not the only one that did that...

same with their little legal threats...  and also dropping into some channels and threatening crackers by impersonating others.. thats pretty shitty business practice, so draw your own conclusions who might be behind it i got a few ideas already, especially after you check their contacts and see a french connection and then think of another protection beginning in 'tag' that was pretty innovative but also died a death.. same people behind that would tie in with the same people that did the msg crap before.. time will tell... 

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7 hours ago, JustAGuy said:

Any idea where and how the message can be found in the game files? There are 2 valeroa dlls and 2 protected exes.

Search for 'OutputDebugString'  references :)

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its funny how the news sites think this is a new thing and how jowood didnt do this regularly almost 2 decades ago...

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The feds likely already have a lot of the active pseudonyms and are using them to correlate data without any leaks..... Also, I've accidentally ended up on the RELOADED IRC and distro servers before, and I can be to where the oldest razor1911 members live in minutes(I've never attempted to learn anything about razor1911)... Scene team OPSEC has always been a dumpster fire...


I would also argue authorities interest in crackers is way over exaggerated.. Even current AAA protector vendors only take interest if you regularly release and game publishers and studios don't show any interest at all unless you worm their consumers or something... There is an entire stable industry for for-sale MMO modding and botting that runs over regular DNS....

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10 hours ago, chickenbutt said:

There is an entire stable industry for for-sale MMO modding and botting that runs over regular DNS.

The market for modding/cheating/botting is not really in the same realm as cracking/piracy/leaking of the actual property. 

Publishers and developers have to make the decision to go after modders/cheaters if they feel there is a suitable case against them. Generally this involves having to prove damages or other hard-to-prove things such as infringement or similar. There is a reason this is rarely something that happens to the cheating/modding scene because it is hard to prove. There's only been a small handful of cases that ever even make it to court, and even smaller where things were won in favor against the cheater. There is no law or enforcement by the governments in the world that protect this kind of thing either.

It is solely up to the developer/publishers to protect their intellectual property and seek legal action if they feel its being damaged or infringed upon.

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48 minutes ago, deepzero said:

Wait, how did they crack games so far? No full de-virtualization?

Dumping + patching calls to CPUID and other instructions that obtain hardware/OS information + using memory breakpoints to handle crc checks. CPY generates a license without touching the executable which probably requires de-obfuscation but not rebuilding.

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They released a few more things with everything removed recently as well. Overall nice to see Denuvo is now properly 'defeated' in its current form. :)

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2 hours ago, atom0s said:

They released a few more things with everything removed recently as well. Overall nice to see Denuvo is now properly 'defeated' in its current form. :)

That's not true, to my knowledge this is the only game they removed the protection from and it's also an older variant of the VM (this game is from 2018). Denuvo can sleep well. Remains to be seen if they're going to repeat this on a new title.

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Could have sworn I read they released a few more repacks of fully removed games afterward. May have misread something then. Either way still really nice to see them fully remove everything and it does appear to be working for everyone that has checked it out. Handful of vids on YouTube covering it and testing/comparing performance of both releases. 

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Doom Eternal Debacle May Have Dismantled Denuvo DRM on Debut Day

In what appears to be a monumental screw-up somewhere in the game's supply chain, the Denuvo anti-tamper technology deployed on Doom Eternal may have already been compromised. Early purchasers of the game discovered a folder in the game's directory containing an .exe file that can be used to replace the original one protected by Denuvo.

Originally penciled in for a November 2019 launch, Doom Eternal suffered delays. Id Software and publisher Bethesda said that this was to ensure that the game lived up to the hype.

A few hours ago, in regions that had already ticked over to March 20 (Australia, for example), people began downloading the game from official sources.

Given that the game was already revealed to be using the infamous anti-tamper technology Denuvo, no one really expected a fast ‘pirate’ release. However, a user on Reddit quickly dropped a bombshell.

The player revealed that after paying for and downloading the official Bethesda.net version’s game files, he opened up the main folder and spied the main executable – a 368MB file named DOOMEternalx64vk.exe. However, a secondary folder (located in Doom Eternal\original\) contained a second much smaller .exe file (67MB) with exactly the same name.

What followed is barely believable. According to now numerous reports, it is possible to replace the .exe file in the ‘original’ folder with the main executable and the game still runs. The theory is that the smaller file is the source .exe without Denuvo, while the highly-bloated version is the one ‘infected’ with Denuvo.

This appears to suggest that someone in the supply chain managed to place a DRM-free executable in the purchased game, put it in a folder clearly marked as ‘original’, then served it up for one of the first-ever purchasers to stumble across, apparently with minimum effort. This has led to jokes that the developers have effectively cracked their own game.

As a result, copies of the game are now being shared online and a number of people are reportedly playing the game with no issues. Initially, there was talk that the game crashed after level 3 but that appears to have been driver-related with an update fixing the problem. A Bethesda account is reportedly needed but a solution to that is already being shared on a Russian forum popular with game pirates.

There is still some work to be done before the pirate release appears in the mainstream (repacker ‘Fitgirl’ lists it as ‘coming soon’) but it seems pretty likely that will be today, the day the game was released. Denuvo didn’t even need to be cracked or disabled to make this happen which is unsettling some, who feel it might be some sort of cunning stunt to give pirates a time-limited demo or something similar.




cheers all

B :)


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hmmm..things sound funky out there these days..

cheers :)








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