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Compare two dot net targets???


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Hi bros,


is there a way i haven't found yet to compare two dot net targets for difference in code?

Can't found a way in dnspy or reflector...

Some ideas?

Thanks my friends.





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Well, here is what i ususlly do:

    First, export source code by ILSpy.

    Second,compare them by Delta Walker.

    Third is skill: pay attention to the sizes of both files.

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Okay my friends tested everything.

iam using for reversing dnspy because its a friendly tool...but i cant find a option which compares me two dlls...

Other tools i can compare methods but not a full dll...

Is there a chance to export a full dll to text or comapre the full dlls...

I can't found a option which exports me a full dll to a txt...

Some new ideas???



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After making a dirty bypass for the license query of Araxis which kao mentioned; it came to my mind that there is a better free alternative:

SourceTree :D

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On 8/31/2016 at 3:05 PM, crystalboy said:

In DnSpy select your Dll.


Then click on File -> Export to Project


Select a folder where save the result and click Export.


On 10/10/2016 at 4:37 PM, papadrellbo said:


thanks for your screenshoots and info... 🙂

After export how to you compare it with another dll...

Thanks my friends...

I will test it




Hallo, do you now how to remove comment when export?

Because i am using WinMerge to compare and all file was different because comment such as

// Token: 0x06005E61 RID: 24161 RVA: 0x00174E91 File Offset: 0x00173291


sorry to bump old thread

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