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Should i upgrade MS Visual Studio


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Okay i just need some info from you guys i am using VS 2012 for coding in Visual Basic 

What you guys suggest should i upgrade to VS 2015 latest at the moment size hungry ?

What will be pro cons if anybody knws?

Same thing is with eclipse n android studio ,i prefer eclipse though google doesnot support eclipse anymore but with sdk updated everything cool with eclipse,while Android Studio results in nice features n designs but size hungry.


Anyway only asking for VS not eclipse,i knw better in that case.


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I am sticking with VS2010

Don't know more VS2015, may be some expert can explain more about it pro features for future development.

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Visual Studio doesn't have mandatory upgrades. You can install all versions side-by-side and then use whichever one you like/need most.

New features for Visual Basic in VS2015 are described here: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/magazine/dn890368.aspx. Sooner or later you'll run into code that uses these features and won't compile in VS2012. I've had that happen few times already with C# code - it's really annoying. So, I have VS2010 as my preferred environment and new VS versions to use in case I have to.

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I usually test new versions, and if i cant find any major negative aspect, i try to always use the newest, as there is a reason for the update

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1 hour ago, li0nsar3c00l said:

I usually test new versions, and if i cant find any major negative aspect, i try to always use the newest, as there is a reason for the update

^Couldn't agree more, if they update their software there are some reasons, new features from CIL, new plugins, new languages support, security update etc.

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The latest version of VS2015 has a much-reduced memory footprint after they fixed up some bugs/leaks. In terms of 'should I update' though, that is ultimately up to you and what features of the IDE / language you use are and if the newer features will benefit you.

Given that you are using 2010, I suggest you look at the feature improvements over the years for each edition to judge if you feel you will need any of them.

What's New (2010) : https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb386063(v=vs.100).aspx
What's New (2013) : https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb386063(v=vs.120).aspx
What's New (2015) : https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb386063(v=vs.140).aspx

VS2015 Update 1 Information:

VS2015 Update 2 Information:

VS2015 Update 3 Information:

Above are some links to help you find what's new in each version.

VS2015 has moved to a different update strategy as well where updates are pushed more frequently now in smaller update packages vs. waiting for full updates like mini-service packs. 

If you are someone that keeps up with the language standards for the langauge(s) you code in, you may want to stay up to date with the latest IDE versions to ensure that the code you will be writing or using will properly compile. Some previous versions of things may compile differently / incorrectly or are not considered valid at all if you stick with an older version. I personally love and use VS 2015 as my main coding usage (C/C++, C#) and never had problems with it.  

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thanks guys,what i think i should try 2015 parallel with the old one ,once i get used to it and find more appropriate then delete the previous one :)

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