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i hope this posting is ok. it does not really fit into Scene or Demo coding.

i missed a Converter that easy convert a web standard Color RGB or RGBa code to Web HEX standard and back.

so i hit the keys and rewrote the older Version from 2014 and expanded the Tool with the new mentioned Feature.

it is useful for compare a background color in relation to its foreground Font in another used color.
because i do codings in PureBasic, the default output in the first string field show the Purebasic color value that start with "$". I added 2 small Buttons to switch between the correct color output for PureBasic usage or if needed, simple press the "#" button for Web usage.

PureBasic is using another Color pattern and start with "$"
Web is using HEX Color pattern and start with "#" in another order

The Web Conversation from RGB/ RGBa to HEX or from HEX to RGB/ RGBa can be used in the 2nd field by this very handy Tool.

Easy paste:

#5F6BDC into the inputfield

hit the button " Convert Color "


or paste: rgba(95,107,220,0.5) --> " Convert Color "  = #5F6BDC

Windows NetFramework 3.5 or later needed




RGB 2 HEX Converter 2k16.rar

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