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AI does not exist, Kaspersky !


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The other week I was in South Korea, and at one point a journalist asked me repeatedly about AI in cybersecurity. I politely asked to skip the question and talk about more pressing topics. Why? Because I don’t see any point whatsoever in discussing something that does not even exist.

Well, at least not in your product, Mr. Kaspersky :P

(JK, Kaspersky got a lot better in recent years and has a low false-positive rate, which is crucial for Reversers. And Eugene is one of the good guys.)

Great article. I think that these humanity-destroying A.I. sci-fi fantasies are just ridiculous. Find me one person whose evil-A.I. story isn't a mixture of "Terminator", "War of the Worlds" and/or some Zombie-BS.


I think that we might need to create a being that is smarter than us in the near future, when very complex tasks become absolutely incomprehensible (e.g. in astrophysics) for us. And that would be a massive accomplishment, yet people would still be afraid that it's going to take away their cookie.


Dileep George said it more elegantly: http://www.popsci.com/bill-gates-fears-ai-ai-researchers-know-better


Historically, there have been panics about many different technologies, from the steam engine to nuclear power and biotechnology. You can sell more newspapers and movie tickets if you focus on building hysteria, and so right now I think there are a lot of overblown fears going around about A.I. As researchers, we have an obligation to educate the public about the difference between Hollywood and reality. The A.I. community as a whole is a long way away from building anything that could be a concern to the general public.


 TL;DR: People get too many of their ideas and beliefs from movies and that's why people are afraid of A.I., which doesn't even exist yet.

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