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Microsoft Auto-Scheduling Windows 10 Updates...

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy Rogers

Microsoft Auto-Scheduling Windows 10 Updates


Windows 10 has been with us for a little over eight months now, which means there are only about four months remaining to get a free upgrade from an older Windows operating system. As the clock counts down, Microsoft has begun to auto-schedule PCs to upgrade to Windows 10 with or without consent from end users.

When Microsoft created Windows 10, it tied in numerous monitoring and data collection tools. The operating system is capable of gathering your search history, web usage, Windows Store usage, details of what applications you use, voice recordings, emails, geographic information and just about anything else that is on your PC. This information is gathered in part for improving Windows-based services, but it is also used for market research and advertising purposes.

Because each user on Windows 10 increases the amount of advertising information available to Microsoft, which in turn enables Microsoft to earn more revenue from selling this data, it is not surprising that Microsoft wants everyone to use its new OS. This lead to Microsoft offering Windows 10 as a free upgrade to both Windows 7 and Windows 8, as users of either OS were unlikely to want to pay for a new OS on an already relatively new PC.



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As @atom0s already mentioned , there are several methods to prevent patches/updates , something which I hope , everyone has applied already.

Changing operating system is also a good solution too, linux based operating systems , have become much more user-friendly than they used to be.You don't have to be an experienced user in order to use them anymore.I know its a bit hard for the RCE community to switch to linux since the majority of the target applications and tools are written for windows platforms , but you can always use virtual machines...

Personally I like my computer to be my property , not vice versa.

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