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Teddy Rogers

Rules, Guidelines & Template...

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Teddy Rogers

Challenge Template

Language : (Assembler, C++, Java, .NET, Python, Borland, PureBasic, etc.)
Platform : (Windows, Linux, Android, MacOS, DOS, etc. + architecture eg. x32/x64)
OS Version : (All, Windows 7, Ubuntu 15.10, OS X v10.11, etc.)
Packer / Protector : (None, ASProtect 1.73, Confuser 1.9, Enigma 4.40, UPX 3.91, etc.)

Description :

(Description of the challenge and any other related information, this must be presented clearly and legibly. Your challenge will not be approved if this is presented poorly)

Screenshot :

(All challenges must include a screenshot)


(The challenge must be attached directly to the topic and not linked to an external host)

Debug Blocker_x64.zip

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Teddy Rogers

Challenge of Reverse Engineering - Rules and Guidelines

All challenges will be reviewed and approved prior to them being made public. You must use and adhere to the above template (when submitting a challenge) and the template in the post below (when submitting an answer/solution).

A challenge is regarded as being solved only when a successful solution has been posted containing a tutorial or a detailed explanation.

Solutions posted without any information will remain hidden from public view until a tutorial or detailed explanation has been submitted. The challenge will continue to remain unsolved.

Please allow up to 48 hours for challenges and solutions to be reviewed.

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Teddy Rogers

Solution Template

Difficulty :

(Rate the difficulty solving the challenge between 0 and 10. As a guide use the following information;)

(0 - 5 = None to minor study required. Using existing pre-made tools or scripts to assist or automate completion, with little to no modifications. Should only be rated to a maximum of 5)
(6 - 10 = Requires limited to extensive study and the development of your own tools, scripts, etc. to complete the challenge)

Solution :

(This contains a description of your solution. It can be presented in a post or as an attachment. Video and screen captures must contain an explanation of what it is you are doing, a solution without this is not good enough. The best answer will be awarded to the first successful solution that contains a detailed explanation of how the challenge was solved. As a reminder, replies to challenges with no detailed solution will be rejected and/or hidden from public view).

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