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Looking for ASM OllyDBG plugin sources


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Hi guys,


just have a small question.Do you know Olly 1 & 2 plugins which was coded in ASM / MASM and which was released with included source codes?If yes then it would be nice if you could post the names or links of them etc to download them.Only plugins I found yet was POISON & IsDebuggerPresent in the Programming and Coding section (checked all 45 sites).


Thank you

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Hi Nucleus,


thanks for the link. :) So if you know more sources then post them too so it dosen't matter what kind of plugin it is.Just wanna check how to deal with the specific ODBG_xy APIs & structs so I don't understand them all for 100 % what I can read in the Plugins.hlp file.I thought it would help to check some sources to see some stuff in examples to understand it better (mostly it helps).



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Hello Black Rider,


thanks for the files. :)

So I have already problems to find out how to create a entry with sub entrys into PM_DISASM at ODBG_Pluginmenu.Also at ODBG_Pluginaction I don't check what the action 0 - 63 means (see no description about that). :(



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Hello LCF-AT,


I've add a little code to raggy's template for you. :) I think, this will help you.





ODBG_Pluginaction 0-63 means, you can add max 64 menu entrys.
Note: use only the orginal Plugin.inc(83,6kb) and not the modified plugin(84,7kb)invoke Pluginwritestringtoini,...  --> The modified plugin is always Linker Error.



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