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Sync Visual Studio Projects to Dropbox


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hey guys,

i just got a dropbox acc and decided that i would like to sync all my visual studio project over dropbox between two computers. is this possible? and if it is, how to do that?

i would prefere a solution, where the projects actually stay in the default path of visual studio.

if it's not possible over dropbox, can you recommend any other solution?


thanks for your help.

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Why do you want to use dropbox? I'd use private git repositories on bitbucket or github, works everywhere and some sort of git client is even integrated in VS2015.

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I know bitbucket offers unlimited private repos but vs projects where just an example. I want to sync other folders too.

The only option i can think of right now is to use an external program to sync between external folder and dropbox folder, so i actually would have a copy.

But im looking for a more efficient solution.

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You will have to store your projects inside of your Dropbox folder itself. Dropbox does not allow you to sync multiple folders on your system. Instead you only get to pick one as the 'root' Dropbox folder, then everything inside (by default) will sync.

I would not recommend doing it though as Dropbox offers no way to filter various junk files from being sync'd so you will have a lot of garbage synced that you don't need that something like a Git ignore file will greatly help with. I would just stick to using private repo's as well to handle stuff like this vs. Dropbox.

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