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Every time I press 's' key on keyboard, Windows button auto pr


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Hi, everyone.


I'm having a trouble in my PC now. Like my topic title says, very time I press 's' key on keyboard, Windows button pressed automatically. It's surely annoying. I can't type any words which contains 's' char. I don't know how to use right keyword in Google to search the solution.


anyone have experience this? I really get frustrated because of this.

I upload a small video to show you what my trouble is.





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Try using another keyboard.


If problem stops - most likely your keyboard is broken, did you spill some liquid over it? You can try taking it apart and cleaning it, but usually it's easier and cheaper just to get a new one.

If the problem continues - probably something wrong with Windows, like a keylogger, or broken keyboard layout. Scan with antivirus, try changing keyboard settings in control panel, reinstall as a last resort.

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