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China nails Samsung and Oppo over smartphone bloatware


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Samsung, Oppo Sued Over Phone Bloatware in China




An Oppo spokesman said the suit covers the China Mobile version of the Oppo Find 7, which differs from the international version.


"Oppo does not pre-install the number of applications on the international variant as are installed onto the China Mobile variant," the spokesman said.


Samsung did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

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China Sues Samsung And Oppo Over Smartphone Bloatware




In a statement, Samsung noted, “We have not yet received the formal complaint” that was filed, but added, “We will thoroughly review the court document and determine an appropriate response.”

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Samsung, Oppo collared in smartphone bloatware probe



Samsung and Oppo have 15 days to respond to the litigation. Sammy told the BBC that the firm hadn't yet received the formal complaint from the council.


"We will thoroughly review the court document and determine an appropriate response," it said.


Oppo could not be reached for comment at time of publication. ®

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