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extremely sad news, Planet Source Code is shutting down


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Extremely sad news. After 20 years, Planet Source Code is shutting down.


June 16, 2015I have some extremely sad news. After 20 years, Planet Source Code is shutting down. The storage area network that stored the uploads experienced a catastrophic hardware failure, and all of the uploads have been lost. Without them, it doesn't make sense to continue running the site.


Continue reding




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To be honest, I'm not buying that.


One must be incredibly, unbelievably, totally dumb not to notice 2 hardware failures and only wake up after 3rd HDD has failed. Unless you're spending every day for last year being stoned out of your mind, that's not possible,


Also, they have been selling the CD ISO images (via exhedra.com) for years now. So, don't tell me that there is not a single copy of every CD somewhere available. ;) Especially, since they were using Google Drive for the ISO storage, as you can see in Web Archive copy here: http://web.archive.org/web/20150330235039/http://www.exhedra.com/Exhedra/PlanetSourceCode/Download.aspx?lngProductId=1# So, did Google Drive went up in the smoke too? ;)


In short, R.I.P. PlanetSourceCode, you will not be missed.


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PSC had a very big base of projects, i've myself contributed to it so i'm a bit sad, but i guess everyone passed on github and similar platforms now, PSC was dying anyway.

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