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Hello everyone. I'm a newbie reverser that just completed both Random's and Lena's tutorials (thanks a lot authors!) and I found that I really like reversing, and since I saw myself coming back here pretty often I decided to create an account and make a small thread.What would be the best way to continue learning? Should I just dive into the files section, download crackmes and unpackmes and try to solve them? Any recommendation about any that would be good to learn from? How did you guys get into and learned to reverse?Anyway, I hope I'm not too much of a nuisance and I hope that in time I can give something back.

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Extreme Coders

Welcome aboard Zasz. :)


IMHO the best way to continue learning is to try to solve the crackmes, both here and at crackmes.de where you would find solutions too.

If you are learning RE as an interest rather than for cracking software, this is the best way. 

Occasionally you may run into problems which you can clarify by asking here.






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Crackmes and unpackmes often give a more theoretical view of things. If you want to get to know cracking, try some random shareware from softpedia. It might be too hard, in that case just try another one. Finally make a (preferably text) tutorial on what you did and why and share it with us so you can get feedback.

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Thanks guys. For now I'll try some of the files from here as I've done it before and had a ton of fun.


I dislike having a go at sharewares because I lose a lot of time finding targets and they're either too easy, too hard, or the protection may be based around a packer that I can't beat yet. Either way, I generally don't end up learning much. It also would seem to be a kind of delicate topic to discuss publicly, so there are a lot of inconveniences and not a lot of satisfaction, at least for now.

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