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The Con$Piracy


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(The Con$Piracy) is a studie i'll pulblish it soon on tuts4you exclusively.


the story started here:




It was just a coincidence and not intentional

The study ready in Arabic since six months , but I find it difficult to translate it into English.

and now it is the time to publish every thing.


just a some time to translate it....

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Teddy Rogers

Because this forum has generally not needed to have attachments. It is also to deter people attaching an endless amount of files because xyz can't download file abc from website idonthaveenoughpostingcreditstodownloadthatawesomefile.com.


If your file is of interest I can always attach it manually...



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Kind of interesting but only (just only) if it's gonna be technical

For example, if u r gonna say that a program encrypts file, and it has a backdoor ... then, u should point out that backdoor through analysis ;)

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