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okay. this small demo was programmed in PureBasic V4.61- the GFX i made with my prefered paint programm
- the font too
- the rotating 3D Object i made in 3ds Max and saved as " *.3ds " later called in the code
- sound = a V2M sound File ( many other scene related sound files are supported like XM or MOD )If you wanna get on Board, grab PureBasic. I can support you with sum Source Code for starting creation with first
simple CracktrosI've done too, a " Cracktro Maker " that handle the PureBasic Source Code. Also HLSL DirectX9 Shaders. You can simple
put into your Cracktro with all needs. ( this saves many time while creating ) and makes it easy to arrange all the
stuff you want to present.Finally compile to EXE (add your own ICON) and it's done.If you don't like an IDE, you can do this while programming all the stuff directly in PureBasic. It's the same way but
takes more time.



so long...



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