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How to capture playing videos on my PC?


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Hey guys,


so I just have a little question and need some infos how to get it work.


So my problem is that I can't record anything what is played in any player on my system.Also I can't make pictures so they are all just black and I wanna know why?


Exsample: I do just start any video on my PC which gets played in VLC player or any other player etc and normaly I can see the video of course but if I start now any capture tool as FScapture for pictures or Screen2Exe for videos then all what was playing in my player is just black (I mean just the captured file if I play it later) or the captured pictures are also black after (just the part in player all other things as desktop etc are to see).So what could be the problem in that case and how to fix it?Is it any overlay stuff or have I to change anything etc no idea.So on the other hand I can also make snapshots with VLC player itself and this is working!?!Strange thing.


Would be nice if you could help or maybe you just test it by yourself to see whether it works for you or also not.No idea whether it should be normaly working or not.


Thank you

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bro from my experience most low end screen capture software cant capture videos and games, if u want to captures videos the best tool I know is camtasia and FRAPS for games. There is nothing wrong in the OS if u got captured files as black, simply the software cant capture thats it 

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well not sure at all why this is caused, but i got same problem using screen2exe, i thought it's probably your video card but i got same problem and i have not a low system, so i think using another recorder should work, did you tried with camtasia studio or FRAPS as m0rpheus said?

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Hi sir/miss LCF-AT


I tested on Screen2Exe and Camstudio , If you use Vlc Mediaplayer you will see black screen


but if use another video player like kmplayer , MPC-HC , ....  It shows normally !


I think the problem is your video players !


Good luck :wub:

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The problem is not in player or video card but in screen capture technology. :)


Newer video players use DirectX, Direct3D or OpenGL for output - and the older screen capture software will see just black window. Better screen capture software will work just fine. Or you can try tweaking VLC video output options as described here: http://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/using-vlc-player-under-vista/ - setting output to Windows GDI should allow you to capture it in most software.

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Hi again,


thanks for your replys so far. :) So I don't wanted to create any big capture stuff or so I just wanted to capture the entire action on my desktop + what happens inside my players etc with any tools.


Ok I have set VLC to Windows GDI and there it works but the graphic of the playing videos is terrible. :) Then I tried DirectX output but this falied too for me = black captures as before but then I found the solution. :) So I don't need to change any output module so this I can let set to standard so I just DISABLED the option "video output overlap" and then its working to capture all inside of the player. :) So I thought already that its any overlay issue.I also checked my MPC player too and checked the video renderer which I set to "Old video renderer" and then its also working with that player too. :) All in all I got it working now.Thanks again guys.


So on the other hand I have some more little questions about these players & settings etc to get the best performance to play videos so good as possible.


Exsample: In my MPC player I can choose different renderers but which one is the best for me?Normaly I use VMR 7 windowed but I don't know whether this is the best choice or not etc you know.Also there are a lot other settings too but also here I have mostly no plan what to choose so that I keep it default.So I wanna setup my VLC player to best seek (forward or backward to check a video quickly without to wait endless) performance but how is the question.I always have to switch between VLC & MPC so MPC has a good seek performance but not my VLC player so there it loads always a longer time and thats no fun.Mostly VLC has trouble with different mp4 formats (H264 - MPEG-4 / FLV) and the best results I get with wmv format.So I do remember that I earlier used VLC 1.11 which had also a turbo seeking with this format and videos also was playing with a better performance but since the newer 2.x versions it lags.No idea whether its just any setting issue or not.So if you have any hints what to setup correctly to get best performance then tell me.


PS: If you know any other good players then you can tell me.Important in this case is again the speed (loading player / seeking etc) and the size of the player or player package (maybe just 1-5 MB would be fine).Also I don't look for tons of functions what the player can do etc and what I also don't need.Just playing / pause / seeking / fullscreen option would be enough so far so that I can check all videos very quick.Maybe you know any tiny player etc.


Thanks again

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Well, playback performance is very dependent on your PC CPU, GPU and the installed drivers - that's the main reason why there are lots of different output modules. For my PC the latest version of VLC and its default settings work great. But since your PC is very old, you'll have to try and find what works best for you.


VLC player comes with all the codecs (=decoders for sound & video) built-in. If you're using other players, they could be using external codecs. In that case, performance will also depend on the installed codecs and their settings. Some time ago K-Lite and CCCP were most famous codec packs, but right now I'm not sure which is the best. Hopefully someone else can comment more on that.

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Media Player Classic Blacked Edition is better than MPC with more sleek UIs

FRAPs is best screen capture SW but u need to reconvert the recorded videos with another video converter

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Maybe you forgot I don't use my old PC anymore since end of 2013. :) So my CPU usage is in the middle (more or less SD / HD / FullHD) during playing a video so there I don't see any problem so far.I think the problem is also how the video was compressed (with more or less keyframes).I also don't use any codec packs anymore (except FFDShow for some cases to use directshow drivers etc) so in the past I got always trouble with them after. :)


Sorry I did mean MPC-HC not just the MPC player.Ok I tried your suggestion to test the MPC-BE but there I get the same seeking results as in MPC-HC too with the same videos equal no better effect to recognize.


Anyway so thanks again so far for you hints guys.




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