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LOGO & GFX TUTORIAL for your Demos


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i wanna share my workflow in creating Logos for PS1 Demos. i also use this way to make sum nice Logos for PC Demos and Cracktros.
Something is in German but it's very easy to understandhave fun.LOGO & GFX TUTORIAL 1 with 3Ds MAX:SCENE LOGO TUTORIAL FOR 3Ds MAX+PHOTOPAINT or PHOTOSHOP
download the PDF TUTORIAL here:
Download at filehorst.dethis is only a small preview of mine of examples from the past:
apoeda_logo_dun_by_in34ukn.jpg dragongxygk.jpg fstnsg6display.jpg0el9u.png 31478_teknogods_logorvlmw.jpg 31456_xi2u5t8x7by76.jpg
LOGO & GFX TUTORIAL 2 without 3D Programm:get it here:
Download at filehorst.de1fupqdy9nbznq6lcfao2262upp.png postmortem_by_jizzyjiiwu1w.jpg
~ Paintprogram
~ write Your Group Name with an simple TTF Font
~ Eyecandy EXTRUDE
~ the rest with GFX Tablet & Digi pencil .. you can also use your mouse for drawingthis is only a small preview of mine.examples from the past:
pace_logo6sx0z.jpg 31455_xxxxtguv0lcacx.jpg 31541_xmasdemo_inc_208dzei.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/32958_about_xrel_finawjsp6.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/32959_logo_pace_by_in88siw.jpg http://abload.de/thumb/demo_pacemaker_logovzzz9.jpg------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
i suggest this plugins:-Filterforge (very hot!!!) ---> Fiber Image (Effect)
-eyecandy 5 (extrude)last Words to a fast Logo creation:
1. picked font
2. started corel photopaint
3. 2 plugin used
4. now you have a nice logo with only a few clicks: http://abload.de/img/unbenannt28quxd.pngthats it.
some Questions? feel free to askcheers and happy paintinginc.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HERE YOU CAN SEE THE WORKFLOWGFX ---> AVI TUTORIALMany people ask me, how i've always done my PC Demo Logos. In this Video i'll show you my Workflow.Used Plugin:~ EyeCandy's EXTRUDE
~ FILTERFORGE 3Used Program:~ CorelDraws PhotoPaint
~ FlamePainter
i hope this Tutorial give you the right Direction and let you start now.


I'm happy to see your GFX.
You can contact me each and every Time.http://abload.de/img/buglar_logo3ejzh.jpg

HD LIVE STREAM HERE:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GWn8RaImrrA

have fun

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