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[ i made a free Android Game ] Rapid Hop Jack


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Hadits follower

looks like a great games my android 2.2 cant play through .can u share the script ?

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minimum required: 2.3 or higher


the game was made with Libgdx in JAVA. but the script can't be shared. you need too many Libs and the whole Dev Environment.


try to get a newer Phone ;)

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Please give me a downlnad link for this game because i cant downlnad it from google play store, and tell me name of softwares that u used to make this game.Regards

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why not from google's play store?  press the link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=de.FabianKoenig.rapidhopjack.android&hl=de



another way to get your hands on the apk is here: http://ul.to/i3w43cwg

programmed in java with LIBGDX


gfx i made  with photoshop

animations too

sound was made with: http://www.arcadecounty.com/games/retroband/


should work with Android v.2.3 but a higher Version is strong recommended

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