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Put music on iPod Shuffle w/out reversing?


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I got a deal on one of these ipod shuffles devices from my pawn shop. It looks exactly like this - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IPod_Shuffle#mediaviewer/File:IPod_shuffle_4G_silver.jpg


I'm tryin to backup my music to it and I dont have/want itunes. I tried this "syncios" program and "ipod shuffle manager" and both failed. The dude loaded me up w/some pantera before selling it and it worked fine and had AWESOME sound quality but after running that "ipod shuffle manager" when i try to play it it says "please use itunes to sync music to this ipod". it killed all the other music dskjlfkfdsasffajkl;jk;lfa


I'm not sure what "generation" it is, wiki says 4th but that ipod shuffle manager said 2nd, and theres no writing anywhere on it


All I want to do is put music on the thing without having to reverse it from scratch - do you know how? I couldn't care less about programs with malware if it puts music on my ipod shuffle ill happily deal with malware. thx

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For some reason I thought itunes would only deal w/music u buy from their store but luckily I was wrong - thx kao!

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