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What about a function like collapse when RSP point to a system call? I have made a sample to make it clear. I think that can be one of the cleanest solution without wrongly show in the stack the

Search constant in the CPU window does not work. Possible solution change order of parameters in line CPUDisassembly.cpp: original: DbgCmdExec(QString("findref %1, %2, 0, %3").arg(addrT

Yea, there are problems with when you try to follow an address that is too far at the end, it will not display so I decided to solve it like this until I properly fix it.   Always use the late

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Since the changes made on December 16 (snapshot_2016-12-16_19-40), the unicode characters in niguna window, CPU, STACK, REGISTROS, and strings search are not shown.

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In (snapshot_2017-01-02_04-01.zip), if a unicode string does not contain at least 5 characters, it is not displayed in the cpu, registers and stack being annoying to be tracked.







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@sstrato The problem is that certain unicode strings are also valid pointers and those are currently ignored. I have more fine-grained the algorithm and hopefully it will be better...

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