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Do you know any info USB Tools?

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Hi guys,


short question again.


Is there any tool XY which I can use to let show a full list of all my USB ports + which speed they support 1.0,2.0 or 3.0?So it should maybe show all ports + which are occupied and free + details etc but most important thing is the version it has.Maybe you know any little handy tiny tool what can do this. :)


Thank you

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I don't use linux. :)


Thanks for the tool tip Lostin so I did check this and get some listet infos also about version.Only thing what I see is that the USB-lings have a purple icon and not a green icon.Something with non safe unplug situation so purple = I have to disconnect before I want to remove and green = remove whenever you want etc so I think.Is this important now to set it to green etc?


Thanks again

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Extreme Coders


You may try UsbInfo.

With USBInfo now you can view, browse, explore, and performance test USB devices including USB drives. Test how fast (or slow) USB 1.1 and 2.0 devices are. Easy-to-understand topology tree view of all your USB devices and other views make it an invaluable tool. Use its built-in links to USB registry entries and views to help you more easily troubleshooting USB devices and installations. Version 1.3 may include unspecified updates, enhancements, or bug fixes.

The downside of this tool is it will only work with windows xp and below. Further it is distributed as a trial version.


Download link


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If it’s purple, it means that the connected device is a storage unit, this will help us to quickly identify the connected USB flash drives



The purple color means it is a storage device so you must disconnect it from windows first before removing it safely :)


More can be found here


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ok thanks but USB Info seems to be a Demo.Also I can't find any screenshots of this app. :)


Yes Lostin but I mean is this important to switch to green icon instead to use purple icon?Does it mean that datas get lost if I just remove the USB stick from PC without to disconnect it before from windows?I mean what is the worst case scenario?Just to know it better later so till now I did always disconnect the USBler before I did remove it (if I remember right). :)



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Does it mean that datas get lost if I just remove the USB stick from PC without to disconnect it before from windows?I mean what is the worst case scenario?


I think it is always best to "Safely Remove" the USB device via Windows before removing the USB device, but Windows has different modes for accessing USB devices which you can access through the Device Manager via the Control Panel


When a USB disk is attached, if you look at the Properties, there is a tab named Policies. Here you can select either 'Optimise for Quick Removal' (which means there is no caching and you can remove the disk without using 'Safely Remove' (although I never do) or 'Optimise for Performance'. If Optimise for Performance is selected, then removing the disk before using 'Safely Remove' really is not a good idea.

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