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New in programming!


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Hi folks, lately i realized i have ample time in my hand, and i am not doing anything useful.

So i decided to learn programming, so can anyone suggest which language should i learn.


I am new in this area.

Some language for choice C++, C,C#, Java, Perl,Python etc

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It depends on your goal. If you want to do some database stuff, xml parsing etc I would go with C#. If you want to do some more low-level programming I would go with C++. Python is also nice, but I once you know C++ python is pretty easy to learn.

I wouldn't go with Java/Perl, but that is just personal preference.


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Guest Sora

Hey Latabata and welcome!


I started with Java in school and learned C# right afterwards. Both languages are from the outside very smiliar to each other, fairly easy to learn and they can get you quick and motivating results. You can't do anything wrong when starting with either Java or C#. You also mentioned Python. I only hear good things about it and it's nice for beginners. I probably want to learn it as my next language too.


Oh, and one last thing I can tell you is that C++ is a hard language, even for experienced developers. I don't think it would be much fun trying to learn it as a complete beginner.


But learning your first programming language should be fun, right? :) So you don't risk losing your motivation out of frustration.



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