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Which ollydbg do you guys use?


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Just curious what ollydbg engine/mods people are using these days? or if everyone switched over to ollydbg 2.01?

I am currently using ollydbg by vic4key it comes with alot of useful plugins. As well a very nice tuned color scheme and font size to me makes it really easy to read.

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Standard Olly 1.10 with ScyllaHide as hiding plugin + some more utilities (OdbgScript, Multiline Ultimate Assembler and a few others).

The Christmas Tree highlighting scheme is just fine for me :)

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Still using Olly1 with dark scheme and plugins to make it useful and less buggy hehe


I wont switch to Olly2 but rather to x64_dbg . Makes more sense because its open-source, bugs get addressed asap and you can get your feature-request fulfilled

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Custom Olly v1 for harder/protected stuff (because of all the available plugins and mods)  and just started using v2 for easier stuff, it has some brilliant features like unlimited memory BP's which is VERY useful for keygenning and crypto. I do miss my "go to address" button in v2 though.

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Olly 2 for the improved analysis engine.


I dont use scripts or hide plugins so Olly 2 is perfect for me.

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You're right Loki,  the analysis engine is much better in v2. It's hard to let go of Olly v1 for sentimental reasons as well as familiarity, but nothing lasts forever...even cold November rain.  :smilie4:

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32bit - SND 2.3 (OD v2) with plugins on W7 SP1 x64 and for unpacking still the Subz3ro, both is working fine here.

64bit - x64dbg, i agree bugs and feature requests gets adressed asap, thanks alot!

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